5, 6, & 7 foot Medium Duty Rotary Cutters


Single Spindle Series


Bush-Whacker’s medium duty single-spindle cutters are great for small areas of grass and small brush. Priced between the economy and heavy-duty units, you truly get a great cut for your money. The Bush-Whacker units come standard with stump-jumpers and deck-rings, and when combined with 120HP gear boxes, you will be hard pressed to find a better value on the market today.



120 HP, 540 RPM Base Mounted, 1:1.46 Ratio. Malleable housing, forged alloy steel; carburized and hardened gears and shafts; 1 3/8” – 6 spline input shaft, tapered bearings.

Drive Shafts – Category 4
Made from the finest quality propeller shaft materials and needle bearing universal joints.

Slip Clutch
Heavy duty spring-type adjustment with four friction discs.

1/2” by 3 1/2” material, alloy spring steel, airlift design. Free swinging when encountering obstructions. Blade tip speed: MD-60 – 12, 378 FPM, MD-72 – 14, 200 FPM, MD-84 – 16, 500 FPM.

For 3-point hitch: Extra heavy duty, tapered bearings, 4” by 8” laminated puncture-proof tire.


MD-60 – Cutting height: adjustable from 1.5” to 10”. Overall width: 61”. Overall length: 109”. Transportation width: 64.5”.

MD-72 – Cutting height: adjustable from 1.25” to 9”. Overall width: 74 1/8”. Overall length: 121”. Transportation width: 76.5”.

MD-84 – Cutting height: adjustable from 1.75” to 9.75”. Overall width: 85”. Overall length: 129”. Transportation width: 88.5”.

MD-60 – 960 lbs
MD-72 – 1,180 lbs
MD-84 – 1,286 lbs

Bush-Whacker Special Deck
10 Gauge Smooth top deck for easy cleaning.

Quick Hitch Adaptable
MD-60 & MD-72 = CAT 1
MD-84 = CAT 2

Flat Steel Plate side
10 gauge material
Shaped to for sides of cutter.

Recommended PTO HP
MD-60 – 35HP
MD-72 – 40HP
MD-84 – 45HP

Rubber Guards
Chain Guards optional.


MD-60 Retail Price: $3,554    Our Price: Call

MD-72 Retail Price: $3,751    Our Price: Call

MD-84 Retail Price: $5,293    Our Price: Call