RME-17 Rear Mount Boom Cutter




17-Foot Rear-Mount Boom Mower

The cutting edge of versatility with all the quality, service, and dependability you’ve come to expect from a Bush-Whacker. Five-foot rotary cutter with a 17-foot boom arm. With advanced joystick controls of four axis of motion. Independent, pressure compensated hydraulic system with load sensing capabilities. A 7 gauge deck with 3/8” side skirts. High-strength steel tubing on primary and dipper booms.



Cutting Width – 60” Rotary

Cut Height (min) – 1”

Cut Capacity – 4”

Hitch Type – CAT II (CAT II Quick Hitch adaptable) or CAT III 3-point hitch

Transportation Width – 89”

Transportation Length – 60”

Transportation Height – 119”

Oil Reservoir Capacity – 50 gal.

Blade Tip Speed – 15,500 FPM

Blade Rotation – Clockwise

Horizontal Reach – 17’

Vertical Reach – 17’ 3”

Down Reach – 9’

Front to Back Pitch – 108°

Operating Pressure – 2,700 PSI

Pitch of Mower Head – 120°

Deck Thickness – 7 gauge”

Skid Shoe Thickness – 3/8”

Weight (Approximate) – 1,950 lb. w/o oil

Tractor HP Requirements – Contact factory

Tractor PTO – 540/1,000 RPM

Cutter Shaft Speed – 980 RPM

Hoses – 2” ID suction line, 1” ID pressure line

Control Valve – Proportional 5 bank valve with load sensing capability and manual override built in.

Control – Proportional computer controlled joy stick which controls 4 axis of motion. Toggle switch used for mower head with emergency stop override.

Power – 94 HP at a speed of 2,025 RPM

Blades – Two 3/4” thick alloy spring steel blades mounted on shoulder bolts to allow blades to swing freely

Hydraulic Filters – 140 Micron suction filter located inside the tank; 10 micron spin-on type return filter with restriction gauge

Hydraulic System – Totally independent

Hydraulic Pump – Pressure compensated piston type used to reduce the heat of the system produces a flow rate of 42 GPM

Primary Boom Construction – 5/16 x 5 x 5 high-strength steel tubing

Dipper Boom – 5/16 x 4 x 5 high-strength steel tubing

Safety Breakaway – Built into hydraulic system (standard)



Bush-Whacker’s Rear-Mount Boom Cutter is an engineering marvel! We offer a notable difference with our 3/4” cutting blades versus traditional 1/2” or 5/8” and a completely self-contained hydraulic system.

Bush-Whacker’s Rear-Mount Cutter also includes blades with a cutting edge on three sides versus traditional two-sides. And best of all, you’ll receive the benefits of a heavy-duty mid-mount cutter at the price (and convenience) of a 3-point hitch!


Retail Price: $39,905     Our Price: Call