ST-120 Heavy Duty 10 Foot


Flex-wing Series

A close relative to the ever-popular ST-180, the ST-120’s smooth-top design is one of the most rugged units on the market today. With it’s 4” cutting capacity and 250 HP gearbox, you will be hard-pressed to find another unit that can outperform the ST-120 in the field or at the cash-register.


540 RPM or 1,000 RPM Two spindle gearboxes, 250 HP, base mounted, 1:1.6 ratio. One dividerbox, 275 HP, base mounted. All gearboxes have malleable housings, forged alloy steel, carburized and hardened gears and shafts, tapered and ball bearings. 20 splined 1 3/4” input shaft, 2 3/8” output shaft on spindle boxes.

Drive Shafts
Shielded PTOs made from finest quality propeller shaft materials and needle bearing universal joints. Category 5 80-degree constant velocity main drive shaft, Category 4 intermediate and wing drive shafts.

Slip Clutch
Two heavy-duty clutches with spring type adjustment and four friction discs.

1/2” by 4” material, alloy spring steel, airlift design. Free swinging when encountering obstructions. 8” overlap for better cutting. Blade tip speed: 16,768 FPM.

Five solid rubber tires standard. Independent shock absorbing system for all wheel axles. Optional: aircraft tires or implement tires.

Cutting width: 10’. Cutting height: adjustable from 2” to 15”. Overall width: 140”. Overall length: 167”. Transportation width: 80”. Cutting height for aircraft and implement tires: 2” to 17”.

Transportation width: 88”. Cutting height for aircraft and implement tires: 2” to 17”.

Without chains and tires: 4,260 lb.
Total weight: 4,980 lb.



  • Heavy duty 3/8” side skirt with full length skid shoes
  • Rated to cut-up to 4” diameter brush.
  • Hinges 3” x 4” tubing with grease fittings.
  • Hinges — Structural tubing with grease fittings.
  • 8-bolt mounting on gearboxes — bolt-heads are tack-welded to bottom of deck so one person can tighten the nuts or change the gearbox.

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