ST-121 10′ Smooth Top Rotary Cutter


Dual Spindle Series

With two spindle gearboxes, 250 HP, and longer blades, this rugged, heavy duty 10 foot rotary cutter can handle any job you throw at it. And the smooth-top deck makes it easier to clean.


Gearboxes – 540 OR 1,000 RPM
, 250 HP main or transfer box with 1 ¾” 20 splined input and output shafts. Two spindle gearboxes, 250 HP, base mounted, 1:1.6 ratio. 20 splined 1 3/4” input shaft, 2 3/8” output shaft on spindle boxes. All gearboxes have forged alloy steel malleable housings, carburized and hardened gears and shafts, tapered and ball bearing.

Drive Shafts – Shielded PTO’s made from the finest quality propeller shaft material and needle bearing universal joints. Category 4 main input and side drives. Category 4 jack shaft for pull model. Category 4 80-degree constant velocity main drive shaft optional for pull model.

Slip Clutch – Heavy-duty clutch with spring type adjustment and four friction discs on main shaft, outboard protection by means of shock absorbing rubber elements connected to splined yokes which form a coupler.

Blades – 1/2” x 4” material, alloy spring steel, airlift design, free-swinging when encountering obstructions, 6 inch overlap for better cutting. Blade tip speed: 15,800 fpm.

Wheels – Two solid rubber tires standard. Independent shock absorbing system for all wheel axles. Optional: aircraft tires or implement tires, dual axle arms (4 tires total).

Bush-Whacker Special Deck – Bush-Whacker Special Deck includes a primary (bottom) deck of 7 gauge steel that is welded to heavy duty heavy tubing structures. The smooth, easy-to-clean top deck is made of 12 gauge steel and protects the inner support frame. Combined deck thickness: .2921”.

Hydraulic Adjustments – Hydraulic cylinder controls cutting and traveling height adjustments for pull and semi mount models (optional for lift model).

Dimensions – Cutting width: 121 inches. Cutting height: adjustable from 2” to 15”. Axles adjustable from 24” centers to 40” centers for row crops. Overall width: 131”. Overall length: 140”. Transportation wide: 131”. Cutting height for aircraft and implement tires: 2” to 17”.

Weight -3,500 lbs.

Chain Guards Front & Rear

Other Standard Features – Replaceable skid shoes. For pull model: heavy-duty tongue assembly with dual leveling rods, hydraulic hose holder, jack for easy hookup and unhooking from tractor.



7 Gauge Deck.

Structural frame of mower is 3” by 4” tubing with 7 gauge wall thickness.

Gearboxes are mounted to 3/8” plates that are welded to the 7 gauge deck.

8-bolt mounting on gearboxes – heads are tack-welded to bottom of deck so one person can tighten the nuts or change the gearbox.

Blades are 1/2” by 4” instead of traditional 1/2” by 3 1/2”.


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